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Lina Cameron – Makeup Artist

Feel Beautiful. Reveal Beautiful

As little girls, we know we are beautiful. We just feel it.
Mirrors are places where we smile and twirl and sparkle.
But somewhere along the way, that smile becomes a little frown and a critical eye.
We turn to make-up and we conceal, we mask, we distract.
As if beauty is only an illusion. A bag of tricks. Something we conjure, not something we feel.
My name is Lina. I’m a makeup artist.
I see your beautiful self and I’ll show you make-up that simply reveals it.

wedding make up artist


Exclusive wedding day make-up services that give you a breath-taking bridal look that photographs beautifully.



make up artist

Make-Up Lessons

Life-changing, lifelong make-up skills and a simple beauty routine designed around your unique signature style.



makeover specialist


Immaculate glamour for a special event: daytime cool, evening drama or photo-shoot prep. Your carriage awaits.