Lina Cameron – Makeup Artist

Feel Beautiful. Reveal Beautiful


As little girls we know instinctively that we are beautiful. We smile, twirl and sparkle in front of mirrors without fear or embarrassment.

Time passes and with it that smile becomes a little frown and we develop a more critical eye.

Make-up becomes a tool to conceal and hide ourselves, as if beauty is a bag of tricks, an illusion that we conjure up. We lose the sight and feel of our natural beauty.

My name is Lina and I am a make-up artist. I see the beauty in every woman and can show you the make-up that will reveal it so that you can face that mirror with a smile and sparkle again.


wedding make up artist


Exclusive wedding day make-up services that will give you a breathtaking bridal look that will photograph beautifully.



make up artist

Make-Up Lessons

Life-changing, lifelong make-up skills and a simple beauty routine designed around your individual style.



makeover specialist


Whether it’s show-stopping glamour, a fresh daytime look, evening drama or photo-shoot prep, a makeover will give you the tools you need.